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Add a New Voice, not a Boss

When Jeri Kagel gets involved in a case as a consultant, she expects to be part of the team, not the driving force behind the case. An attorney herself, Jeri understands how time consuming and complex trial preparation can be and seeks to be an objective source of insight and cohesion as you construct the case. Jeri brings a new perspective and a skillset different than a typical litigator.  Jeri's strengths include her intuition, her ability to synthesize verbal and non-verbal cues, and her skill at reframing, or "packaging," information.

On working with litigators:

"Invariably, she is able to convey her suggestions without ever demeaning the opinions of counsel, or in any way chiling the creative influences of the trial team."

Witness Preparation

Jeri is an excellent choice to prepare your witnesses for trial. She'll buid a trusting relaionship with them to teach them how to use their strengths and overcome their weaknesses and she'll be hard on them so they are ready and prepared for cross examination. She'll teach them how to stay focused on giving jurors the information they need to know, and she'll take them through direct and cross examination again and again - so that they are comfortable and confident, without looking rehearsed.

Trial Themes and Opening Statements

Jeri is often called upon to review a case and help counsel develop themes that will be used as the framework for the entire trial.  The theme provides a logical and emotional flow to the information that leads the jury to the desired conclusion.

Trial Simulations - Trial Synergy's CasePreview

Rather than rely on a mock trial or a simple focus group that asks general questions, Trial Synergy's CasePreview allows the attorney to present key segments of the case to a group of individuals with demographics and attitudes similar to prespective jurors and then offers specific feedback on each segment, not just general impressions.

This unique approach gives attorneys critical glimpses of the trial during their preparation. They learn through three perspectives:

  1. The attorney presents key information about his case and discovers what is confusing and what is easily understood
  2. The attorney who stands in as opposing counsel on a key segment learns what may come at his witnesses during cross examination and allows the witnesses to be better prepared
  3. The "jurors" listen to and evaluate the information presented in each segment, and then explain what they believed, what seemed too great a stretch, and what impact the information has on their decisions about attributing blame and any potential verdicts.

The entire CasePreview process is facilitated by Jeri Kagel.  She will delve into the comments shared by participants to extract the information most valuable to her clients and to suggest ways to incorporate that knowledge into the trial strategy and presentation.

Trial Synergy Clients say:

"Too often I have found that jury consultants insist on doing things their way...Jeri has always taken a much different approach"

"Doubtlessly in no small part because she is an attorney herself, she quickly understood the key areas in our case"

"Jeri...has worked with us to incorporate both the good and bad facts into the theme so we can communicate our story to a jury"


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