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Evaluate and Manage Risk

Defense Preparation

Corporations and small businesses are occasionally confronted with having to defend themselves against claims involving safety, product liability, the manufacture or delivery of products, labor relations, hiring or termination practices, questions of discrimination, premises liability or personal liability.

Jeri Kagel and Trial Synergy will offer important support for your company'sCounsel.

Trial Themes

Jeri will suggest themes that can be used as a framework for the trial. They explain the actions of the company, provide a structure for presentation of evidence, and set up key witness testimony effectively and convincingly. The trial theme can directly impact the verdict and how the business is positioned for settlement.

Witness Training

If your company's employees are frequently called to testify - at deposition or at trial - it is in the best interest of your company to be sure they understand how to give testimony most effectively.

Jeri Kagel of Trial Synergy has developed a training curriculum that teaches employees how to be effective witnesses at deposition and trial.  Rather than prepare each employee only when they are called to testify in a specific case, this curriculum allows you to teach a group of employees the tools they need to excel whenever they are called to testify.

Develop a pool of employees who are confident and willing to testify on behalf of the company.

Prepare them for the differences between being deposed and being a trial witness and teach them how to master the skills necessary at each.

Let them practice their responses through role-play exercises and see first-hand how attorney tactics can be used against them

Trial Synergy corporate clients say:

"...Getting Ms. Kagel involved in our lawsuit was an integral part of our success. Her ideas, her firm instruction and her support had a positive impact. She helped us win!"

"Jeri Kagel stand[s]out from other consultants in [her] ability to work creatively with jury polls to encourage and elicit feedback and responses that are invaluable in developing trial themes."

 "The work Jeri Kagel has done for me has made a tremendous difference in the outcome of the cases."

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