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Mitigate Risk

Because you are a government entity and perceived to be a "deep pocket," your staff are frequently called upon to explain their, and others', decision-making and actions taken.

In the past, you've probably prepared for depositions, and trials, on an as-needed basis.

Now you can hire Jeri Kagel, a trial consultant who is both an attorney and psychotherapist, provide training workshops for all staffers likely to be called upon to give depositions or trial testimony.

Deposition Witness Training Workshop
Trial Witness Training Workshop

In these workshops, attendees will learn the difference between being deposed and being called as a witness at trial, what their responsibilities are in each situation and how to effectively fulfill those reponsibilities, and about the tactics the opposing attorney could use to try to derail their testimony.

The workshop allows attendees to practice in role-play situations, so that they are comfortable and confident the next time they are called on to testify in deposition or at trial.

When a party's deponents give good, effective deposition testimony, that party's settlement position -- along with their posture at any possible trial -- is dramatically improved. The Trial Synergy deposition training workshops allow employees or staff who are routinely deposed to become more skilled, improving the agency's position in future cases.

Employee testimony at trial -- what the employee says and how the employee conveys information -- is often dissected by jurors during their deliberations.  The Trial Synergy trial testimony workshops improve the ability of employees or staff to communicate to jurors in ways that enhance the agency's credibility and authority at trial.

"Jeri made us feel at ease with information that we were to provide, taught us how to educate jurors about the actions we took and how decisions were made...It was by far the most prepared that I had been for trial testimony..."

 "Ms. Kagel presented a thorough approach to the deposition training and was able to get everyone to participate in the open and often animated discussions that took place during the course of the day."

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