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The Litigator's Playbook

Introducing the Litigator's Playbook

 Plans, tactics and strategies for attorneys in trials

  • what to do and why
  • and how to do it and when
by Jeri Kagel

Attributing Blame -- The Psychology of Blame and Its Use in Trial Strategy

Four strategies for implementing Attribution Theory to influence how jurors attribute blame.

Published in the DeKalb Bar News, September 2009.

by Jeri Kagel

Damages-The Defense Attorney's Dilemma

How to openly discuss damages with integrity and compassion while convincing the jury to award less money.

Published in the American Society of Trial Consultants' The Jury Expert in January, 2010.

by Jeri Kagel

Five Resolutions for Litigators

Five resolutions for litigators who want to extend their effectiveness.

Published in the DeKalb Bar News, December, 2009.

by Jeri Kagel

Preparing Your Witness for Deposition

Why the "Golden Rules" are not enough.

Published in the DeKalb Bar News, October 2009.

by Jeri Kagel
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