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Tell Your Story

Jeri Kagel begins by previewing the entire case.  She considers the responses each decision, action and fact may provoke from the jurors and identifies the key aspects of the case that are most likely to affect the outcome or the settlement value of the case.

Using this knowledge, she develops the case theme along with counsel. The theme is the fabric that connects and incorporates the important aspects of the case and the testimony of your witnesses. It's the framework you'll use to tell your story to the jury.

The theme will:

  • explain the strengths and weaknesses of the case while advocating your position
  • create images that allow the jury or the judge to appreciate the motivations, decisions and actions of the people and entities central to your case
  • answer jurors' unspoken questions and give them the opportunity to identify with - or be willing to align with - your position

When the theme is defined, the trial can be organized in a way that makes sense to jurors, and your opening statement can be created and presented to set up and support your theme.

Presentation Organization

The case theme will provide direction on the overall structure of the presentation and the sequence that will be most persuasive. In creating the outline for the presentation, Jeri Kagel will consider

  • the order of the testimony and other evidence
  • the compelling use of exhibits and demonstrative aids
  • the effective way to handle opposing counsel's witness testimony or evidence
  • building rapport with jurors
  • when and how to answer the jurors' unspoken questions
  • the ebb and flow of energy and emphasis on evidence and testimony, allowing the entire presentation to build to a favorable conclusion

Once the overall structure of the case has been defined, the opening statement can be created.

Opening Statements

Jeri Kagel supports attorneys by strengthening the content and delivery of their opening statements -- to deliver maximum impact.

She considers language and sentence design, the organization of the content and the sequencing of information, and the overall structure of the opening statement.

Once the opening statement is written, it must be delivered effectively. Jeri Kagel teaches tools and techniques used by good storytellers and teachers to enhance the persuasiveness of the speaker, to reinforce the key themes and to captivate the jury.

"Jeri has worked with my firm for more than 20 years to provide us with a deep understanding [of] how our trial theories will be received by juries."

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