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Gauge Jury Reaction before the Trial

The most realistic way to evaluate a case for trial -- or to evaluate its settlement value -- is to preview the case and observe the responses.

Jeri Kagel has taken two common pre-trial events -- the mock trial and the focus group -- and combined important aspects of each to create an effective hybrid:  Trial Synergy CasePreview.

The CasePreview offers attorneys and witnesses the opportunity for a "dress rehearsal".  Attorneys have the opportunity to receive feedback on each aspect of the case -- not just on overall impressions at the end of the presentation.

CasePreviews vary in complexity and length of time required from participants - which can affect the cost.  During discussions with Jeri Kagel, she will guide you on what is both cost effective and most useful for your case.

CasePreview Goals:

  • Assess the case's strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover differences in interpretations of case facts
  • Contrast and evaluate trial strategies and presentations
  • Understand jurors' priorities, questions and attitudes
  • Determine witness and attorney appeal
  • Clarify when and why jurors attribute blame
  • Learn how jurors' perceptions translate into possible damage awards
  • Ascertain settlement value 

Trial Synergy's CasePreview can be viewed as a trial simulation - an opportunity to present the case; then learn, and analyze, how jurors perceive the facts and react to the details you share with them.  This analyzed information is translated into compelling trial strategies.

CasePreview Design

Each CasePreview event is unique and created to suit your case. The process begins with design.  Trial Synergy will:

  • Hold strategy meetings with you
  • Develop the format and a minute-by-minute schedule for the CasePreview
  • Assist with attorney presentations
  • Develop questions for the written questionnaire and discussion group facilitation
  • Define elements of CasePreview that will be recording for later review

CasePreview Preparation

A venue is located and the CasePreview is scheduled.

A "Screener" tool is developed specifically for your case, to select the kinds of people who could conceivably be seated on the jury.

Participants - "Jurors" - who match the characteristics of the expected juror pool are recruited using the "Screener".

CasePreview Implementation

Orchestration of the entire event.

Keeping time

Answering questions

Telling them when to complete questionnaires

Trial Synergy faciliates the group discussions as the trial simulation progresses.

CasePreview Analysis

After the CasePreview, Trial Synergy will provide a comprehensive written report that summarizes relevant findings:

  • Participant feedback that revealed trends, biases or strong reactions/opinions about specific facts, themes, or ways of presenting them.
  • Analysis and interpretation of participants' verbal and written responses - identifying the component which prompted the comment and how to use what was learned from the response
  • Strategies for presentation at trial, based on responses
    • Themes and the best ways to present them
    • Juror profiles and voir dire for use during jury selection
  • CD or DVD containing recordings made during CasePreview

"[Our] trial preparations were ultimately vetted through Jeri's own 'hybrid' focus group and mock jury process (CasePreview)...The result of Jeri's involvement was enhanced risk management and trial preparedness."

"I have worked with Ms. Kagel to obtain lay perspectives on complex, catastrophic injury cases and she was great at helping me break down the issues to aid in understanding."

"[Jeri] had an amazing talent at getting people to talk about the key issues we needed developed...she got the 'jurors' to talk and interact in ways that seemed to mimic exchanges likely during jury deliberations."

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