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Deciding Who Should Decide

Take advantage of the unique perspective Trial Synergy can offer on potential jurors. Jeri Kagel uses her experience in psychology to bring new insights to the jury selection process.

Juror Profiles

The themes and presentation strategies Trial Synergy creates are designed to appeal to the broadest range of people and personalities possible, but there are still certain people who are more or less likely to find a particular position appealing and persuasive.

Jeri Kagel combines her extensive experience in psychology, her understanding of how, why and when people attribute blame and her work with a personality paradigm (Enneagram) to develop juror profiles.  Her profiles will identify potential jurors likely to resonate with -- or be biased against -- your position.

Juror Questionnaires

When they are permitted, it's crucial to develop an in-depth juror questionnaire that allows potential jurors to answer questions they would be uncomfortable answering in open court, while giving attorneys the leeway to ask more questions than many judges allow. Jeri Kagel has extensive experience in creating comprehensive succinct jury questionnaires.

Voir Dire Design

Voir Dire questions must be designed to elicit the information necessary to use preemptory strikes most effectively, but the questions must also be comfortable -- comfortable to ask from the attorney's perspective and comfortable to answer from the juror's perspective.

"Jeri was extremely valuable in jury selection. She helped to outline the voir dire...evaluate the demographic information that we collected...ultimately helping to secure a very favorable jury."

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