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A Witness Has a Job to Do

Companies and Government Agencies often find themselves involved in litigation. And many times, the same employees find themselves on the witness stand again and again, simply because of the positions they hold in the company or agency.

Jeri Kagel has developed a curriculum that teaches employees how to perform the job of "witness" effectively - both in a trial and during a deposition.

Even though the witness's purpose at trial or in deposition is to share information, the "job" the witness performs for the company or agency is different.

At trial, the witness's job is to educate the jury as they tell their story. Regardless of whether the question is asked in a friendly manner or on cross examination, the job is the same - to teach the jury.

In deposition, the witness's job is to make the opposing attorney's job hard - to make it difficult for them to "discover" information that can be used during the trial.

The Trial Synergy Witness Training Curriculum shares the tools employees need to feel confident in the role of witness or deponent.

Deposition Witness Training

  • How to handle questions from the opposing attorney
  • Knowing when to end the answer
  • Watching for traps
  • Practice and feedback through role-play situations

Trial Witness Training

  • The structure and dynamics of a trial
  • Differences between direct examination and cross examination
  • How to handle an overbearing cross examiner while keeping the focus on the jury
  • Using storytelling tools and techniques to engage the jury


 "...the Department hired Jeri to conduct a series of one-day deposition trainings...Everyone, many of whom had been deposed several times in the past, universally appreciated all they learned."


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