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Q. How does Trial Synergy charge? A.  Jeri's involvement with cases has generated fees as low as $600.00 to many thousands.  She typically charges an hourly rate, but, because Jeri is an attorney, she can also participate in some agreed-upon contingent fee arrangement. The fees for CasePreviews are dependent on the complexity of the project.  All of Jeri's fees are negotiable.
Q. How early or late can Trial Synergy join the team? A. Earlier is always better, of course, but Jeri Kagel will be committed to the timeframe necessary to prepare properly. 
Q. Will Trial Synergy work on civil and criminal cases? A. Jeri Kagel restricts her practice to civil cases only.
Q. Will opposing counsel know how Trial Synergy is helping my team? A. No. Jeri Kagel is an attorney and so communicaiton with her client is considered confidential.  The work Jeri does is considered work product, and is therefore not discoverable.
Q. Will Trial Synergy be present in the courtroom during trial? A. That's up to the attorney. Jeri can be present to share insights and observations if desired.
Q. Does Trial Synergy make use of dial testing or other forms of audience response gathering technology? A. Jeri Kagel has worked with this technology in the past and is happy to include it in the design for the CasePreview, if desired.
Q. Does Trial Synergy work with plantiffs and defendants? A. Jeri Kagel does work with both plantiffs and defendants
Q. Will Trial Synergy develop a more traditional mock trial? A. Yes. Jeri will discuss the needs with the attorney and develop a scenario that provides the desired insights.
Q. Will Trial Synergy use a shadow jury for trial preparation? A. Yes. Jeri Kagel will consult with the attorney and suggest a process that will achieve the desired results.
Q. Does Trial Synergy work outside of Georgia? A. Yes.  In addition to working throughout Georgia, Jeri works on cases nationwide.  At least 50% of Jeri's work is outside the State of Georgia.


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