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Mitigate the Damage from Marital Dirty Laundry

The Case

Divorce cases often bring out, and highlight, the worst in people.  Dirty laundry is aired in the courtroom and each spouse has the opportunity to take pot shots at the other.  Marital experiences are deconstructed to show jurors inconsiderate attitudes, hateful exchanges and deceitful behavior.  Attorneys often tire of their clients calling them repeatedly.

Trial Synergy's Contribution

Jeri gains the trust of divorce clients with an ease that is surprising.  She invites them to tell their stories to her while listening with a compassionate ear and gaining an understanding of the client’s “life in the marriage’.  She synthesizes facts and feelings into a coherent whole for attorneys while simultaneously teaching clients how to convey their marital experiences in ways that jurors can identify with and have some compassion for.


Maligned frightened clients testify from a place of empowerment. Arrogant self-righteous clients show vulnerability. Attorneys communicate with more depth and belief in their client’s positions.

Divorce attorney describes transformative effect of Jeri's witness preparation.

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