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How will That Jury in That Town React to a Difficult Defense?

The Case
A rural Texas town was the venue for a complex product liability trial. Attorneys were concerned about how these small-town jurors would think about their client -- a large corporation that was alleged to have caused the death of one neighbor and the paralysis of another.

Trial Synergy's Contribution
After sitting in on strategy sessions with the trial team, Jeri and the attorneys agreed that the most cost-effective way to illustrate what the client was up against and to discover ways to overcome the challenging aspects of the case was to build a CasePreview.

  • Trial Synergy's unique and innovative structure gave counsel the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the opponent's case and to develop effective methods to counter plaintiff's ways of slanting the story and the problems with the venue.
  • Analyzing the feedback from the CasePreview, Jeri developed trial strategies that focused on ways the corporate defendant could be viewed favorably by these rural Texas jurors.

The Outcome
Plaintiffs sought damages in the millions of dollars. Instead, during trial, the case settled to the satisfaction of the defense team and their client.

Read defense counsel's assessment of Trial Synergy's CasePreview.

What is a CasePreview?

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